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Easily erase the background of any image

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Background Eraser is an app to erase the background of a picture, so you can cut people out with perfect accuracy and then paste them anywhere else.

The app works in a very simple way. Just choose the picture you want to edit and use some of the tools you’ll find available. The most useful one is probably the automatic brush, which lets you mark the background area so you can delete it automatically. The rest of the tools let you erase the background with much more precision, properly delineating the borders of the figure, which naturally takes more time.

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Once you finish editing the image, it will be saved automatically in PNG format, with no background. Alternatively, you can also save it as a JPG with a white background if you want to save some space.

Background Eraser is quite a useful photo-editing app that lets you easily erase the background and cut figures in the front.

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