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How To Edit Fire Dark Photography, Lightroom Presets Pack Download For Free. You can use this premium preset for edit Professional Forest Photography. This Lightroom Mobile preset Pack is must-have for your Personal and Professional Photography. You can use the preset to edit photos of your Instagram feed, Facebook or Creative Clicks. This preset will donate a Premium Dark look in your Forest Photography.

All our presets are per-tested on different images. But please remember that all Lightroom presets work differently because each photo is unique (light, color, etc.) You can make small adjustments and find perfect settings! Use this preset as the basis for working with an image.

You can watch this tutorial on Our Youtube Channel.

Free Lightroom preset-editing for your photos. Watch Preset video tutorial for the preset adjustments, if you want to follow them manually.

Lightroom Preset : Adjustments of Light

In the Lightroom you have to start from light adjustment , Reduce the amount of Exposure around -.29EV then Lower the value of Contrast -63 and also lower down the highlights about -96 percent. Now Increasing the value of Shadow around +18 and vanish the Whites at -100 then with Blacks at +31.

Adjustments of Curve :

Do the light adjustment as show in the figure as below

Lightroom Preset : Adjustments of Effect

Now in Lightroom try Effect adjustment Where Reduce the amount of Clarity around -30 then Increasing the value of Dehaze +30 and leave Texture and Vignette as it is.

Adjustments of Sharpening :

In the Sharpening area you have to do some adjustment like increasing Sharpening +16 and fix the radius around 1.00 and Details +25. Then add some Noise Reduction +11 and some color Noise reduction +20

How to use Lightroom Dark Preset mobile preset :

after downloading these Winter tone lightroom mobile preset the next step is to use these amazing Lightroom mobile presets in your photos. these presets are gonna add a beautiful elegant Night Portrait Preset color tone to your photo in a single tap. follow these steps to use these lightroom preset in your photo

  • download  presets from Below download button
  • select these presets and import to Lightroom mobile
  • open lightroom
  • open these presets in Lightroom
  • from option, menu choose to copy settings
  • now open your photo in lightroom
  • from option, menu choose paste setting
  • and you are all done
Mobile lightroom dark preset free download

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